July 27 - We've started transfering currency from one game to another. If you need to transfer your currency from one server to another or from one game to another, please check our Transfers page.

May 30 - We now offer instant delivery for your Second Life orders. Register your avatar ingame, by following the instructions in the checkout page, and the L$ will be sent to your avatar automatically by the system, a few seconds after the payment is confirmed. Benefits of buying from an authorized L$ dealer. Buy your L$ now!

November 21 - Because some staff members are currently on vacation, our live chat support online times have been temporarily reduced. The new online time is from 8AM EST to 11PM EST. The payment and purchase processing won't be affected and will still work on a 24 hours basis. Thank you for your support.

March 7 - Great news! All prices for World of Warcraft US, World of Warcraft EU, Lord of the Rings US, Lord of the Rings EU and EVE Online slashed! Check our new prices: get more paying a lot less! Use our live chat if you have any questions and get ready to enjoy very low prices with DFGames.

January 5 - DFGames still has a fast service with the same flawless customer support being given by an awesome team, but now with extra power: A brand new website, a perfect website! The new redesigned website has new areas where we will offer new services like powerlevel, cdkeys, game cards and others. We will be expanding to many other games as well. All of this because of you! We thank you very much for your support. This new website is a NewYears gift for all of us!

October 21 - Good news! We're now buying Linden Dollars on our website. To sell your L$, click on "Sell to DFGames" and select Second Life!

May 10 - With so many new customers, we are in need of more Second Life and Lord of the Rings Online (US) suppliers. Please contact us at salesmgr@dfgames.com

May 3 - We are now working on Lord of the Rings Online US and providing gold on every server. Enjoy!

January 6 - We are now in need of more EVE Online suppliers. We have been selling so well that we aren't able to keep a good stock. Please contact us at salesmgr@dfgames.com

November 9 - Special News: We are glad to launch our Affiliate Program for our customers to earn more with their purchases through our website. Placing your orders on our website and referring your friends to us can now earn you points redeemable for game currency, CD-Keys, powerlevel, Game Cards and much more. Try it out and start winning!

September 19 - Buy EVE ISK from our website and get 5% extra in game! Buy 100M and get 105M, buy 1000M and get 1050M, etc! Enjoy this special promotion!

August 31 - We are now buying your unused Platinum on DAOC and your unused ISK on EVE Online. Use the menu on your left to go to the Sell page.

June 25 - We are now accepting Paypal again and we will soon be accepting credit card payments directly through our website.

April 5 - With so many new customers and purchases we are in need of more long term suppliers for WoW. Contact: salesmgr@dfgames.com

March 29 - We are now working on WoW and providing gold on every server as promised. Fast delivery as usual and if it takes longer than 24 hours you get 5% more for free. Enjoy!

March 29 - Good news for all of you who missed our services on EVE: DFGames is back to the EVE market. Now faster and cheaper than ever. Buy from the best!

November 2 - We are now working on Star Wars Galaxies. Buy using our website and get 5% extra on your purchase. We are ready to provide you the best service!

September 28 - We are proud to announce that we received our 1500th unique positive feedback on eBay. We are happy to show our good services to our customers.

September 21 - Live chat has been added to our website to best serve you. To talk to our support LIVE please use the icon on the right bottom corner of our website.

June 13 - Buy anything from our website and you get 5% extra. For example buy 10p and get 10.5p, buy 50p and get 52.5p. Enjoy!

June 13 - Sell your unused Currency to DFGames. It is very easy and fast. To start selling click on Sell to DFGames on the left menu.

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