Your cryptocurrency

Select your cryptocurrency and how much you want to exchange.

Destination amount

Select the destination cryptocurrency and check how much you will get.


  • Check if both origin and destination cryptocurrency is correct.

  • Continue to select how you want to receive the destination coins.


  • It is possible to pay using your site balance, if you have the currency in your account already.

  • Select if you want to get the destination currency as site balance or provide an external address to receive it.

Exchange and details

You will be redirected to the details page, where you will be able to check every exchange step live.

Automatic exchange

The exchange is completely processed and excuted automatically, with a system designed with the latest technology and security.


  • Hundreds of exchanges are completed successfully every single day, safely and easily.

  • IMPORTANT If you do not feel confident, make a smaller exchange to test the system and see how fast and secure it is.


The destination currency is sent to you. Exchanged completed.